Anchored Journey: In Between

Installation May 1-7, 2017

The Land With No Name Sanctuary for Homeless Sculpture

Anchored Journey

D2 Art Interview with Kohl King


D2 Art, Inc., was founded in 1998 by Danica Derpic, as an art rental and consultancy firm for motion picture and television productions. Today, D2 Art has expanded its services to provide advisory services, sales and leasing to private and corporate collectors as well as home staging.

D2 Art is based in Los Angeles and works with clients nationwide.

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Rubies + Diamonds

On view

Dubbed "Hollywood's coolest new experimental coffee shop," Rubbish Interiors' design for Rubies + Diamonds features an art piece by Kohl King.

Rubies + Diamonds Coffee Shop
6115 W. Sunset Blvd, Hollywood CA 90028

Rubies & Diamonds Interior

Now Be Here

August 28, 2016

Created by Kim Schoenstadt, Now Be Here is a gathering and photograph of female and female identifying contemporary artists in Los Angeles. The photograph took place at the courtyard of at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in downtown Los Angeles, coinciding with a show of contemporary female sculptors, ‘Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947-2016.

Now Be Here gathering of female sculptors

Torrance Art Museum

June 6 - July 25, 2015

Forgetting the Future - Entropy in the Reflective Age. Curated by Lisa Desmidt.

Entropy is the inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society. This exhibition examines new ideas of entropy in a technology-driven age. How is the collective experience of time altered with advances in technology and social media? As technology advances at an ever increasing pace, artists are faced with the inevitable decay of the current mode of production. Like Robert Smithson’s Hotel Palenque we see notion of “ruin in reverse,” a simultaneous decay and renovation.
3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503

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June 14-28, 2015

Presented by Summercamp's ProjectProject

Summercamp's ProjectProject is bringing together artists whose work has a shifting relationship to time be it through sands of the hourglass, endurance, clashing of past and present, memory, or comedic timing.

Kohl King’s Beat/ Fulmination consists of a large bundle of used drumsticks tethered by a thick dark grayed braid made from various embroidery threads and yarns in a striking reference to women’s work and standards of beauty. The discarded drumsticks show their wear and tear as old keepers of various time measures and now hang beating against one another and passersby when activated by movement. This work is about age and aging, about hearing one's own inconsistent and eventual fading beat.

Summercamp’s ProjectProject is an artist run live/work space located in the neighborhood of El Sereno that hosts exhibitions, performances, lectures, workshops, screenings, and events.
El Sereno, Los Angeles, CA

Summercamp star


Beginning May 1, 2015, ongoing supports art as a creative dialogue across all disciplines and mediums. Through critical engagement with each other’s output and practice, their contributors take part in developing original series of works for greater community discussion. The resulting confluence of methods and aesthetics, possibilities and discoveries, reveals new ways of thinking about narrative, presentation, commentary, and process. Call and response. Share and explore. Pair and shape. Art is not bound by type or means. It is our aim to bring together artists, established and emerging, to generate something vital, something hybrid, something not yet realized, and always evolving.

Find the project on the web:

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Divergence at Keystone Fine Arts

March 18 - April 1, 2015

Divergence is an exhibition of work by 8 contemporary artists working in distinctly different mediums. Curated by Micke Tong and Rebecca O’Leary, Divergence spotlights artists who are working in an interdisciplinary manner, integrating unique methodologies or concepts into their artistic practice. The artwork exhibited is of varied styles and genres: conceptual art, abstract painting, ceramic sculpture, mixed media and photography, providing a widely spread artistic experience for the viewer.

In their practices, these artists have subtly but bravely emerged out of the veil of restrictions and limitations of traditional mediums and found their own path to making unique works of art. Presenting Female Artists: Angela Baker, Brük Dunbar, Sacha Eckes, Laurie Frick, Kohl King, Jessica Miller, Kylea Borges, and Kari Rearden.
2558 N. San Fernando Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Divergence Exhibition poster

The Gabba Gallery presents: Curate This

February 28 - March 14, 2015

A very special Artshow, showing some of the talent that is responsible for making the LA art scene move and shake all under one roof.

Featuring Curator Artists: Airom Bleicher, Baha Danesh, Daniel Rolnik, David Brady, Fatemeh Burnes, Jason Ostro, John Knuth, Juri Koll, Kelly Castillo, Kio Griffith, Kohl King, Kristine Schomaker, L Croskey, Mat Gleason, Mark Todd, Max Presneill, Mike Reynolds, Nathan Cartwright, Nicole Bruckman, Peggy Zask, Phil Santos, Rob Faucette, Stephen Zeigler, Steven Wolkoff

(310) 498-2697
3126 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057
Gabba Gallery logo and header for the Curate This exhibition

Itch Scratch Scar

Fellows of Contemporary Art proudly presented Itch Scratch Scar as their final exhibition for the 2014 Curators Lab series.

Curated by Kohl King and Alevé Mei Loh, Itch Scratch Scar will feature the work of 15 Los Angeles based artists whose works are substantially rich in process and investigate and interpret the theme of impulse, action and fulfillment. The theme of Itch Scratch Scar is to survey current artists who are actively engaged in capturing the relevant narratives of the epoch either through subject matter, choice of materials or genre.

The show featured artists Peter Wu, Christian Tedeschi, Kiki Seror, Christine Nguyen, York Chang, Shiva Aliabadi, Mariel Carranza, Marc Horowitz, Cody Trepte, Yoshie Sakai, Emmett Walsh, Patricia Valencia, Finishing School, Alevé Mei Loh and Kohl King. To view this project, please visit Itch Scratch Scar

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Potential Bodies

the Space @ 10455 Jefferson in Culver City, California hosted a show featuring Kohl King and 13 other Los Angeles artists in August 2014.

The works are highly formal yet still deal with content on a deep level whether the subject is gender, relationships, societal norms of beauty, ecological anxieties, or queerness. Our first encounter with content is through their materiality. The artists appropriate materials for new and often ridiculous purposes, perverting their initial function. Even if the material is recognizable, there is the space within a split second where we have the ability to see it as something else, unnamable. In this way, the objects invite imagination, fishtailing on the edge between transformation and readymade. Animated by some unseeable force, these works won’t allow for passive consumption. They act upon you just as your gaze acts upon them, this intimate action ping-ponging back and forth between work and receiver. By asking questions of us, these potential bodies prompt other worlds into existence. They reflect on the past, address the present, and imagine a future.

Kohl King detail photo of work called Mental Games

Room & Board hosted: Art & Home

Room & Board along with Kohl King and 91 other LA artists made possible an eventing of artistic design and philanthropy benefitting LA Family Housing. All pieces were set at $400 with 50% going to the organization. The event was held at Helms Bakery Building location of Room & Board on Oct 23, 2014. For more information, news and events for LA Family Housing, please visit

Room and Board LA Housing benefit graphic
Kohl King small work in the series Holding it Together presented at the LA Family Housing benefit

Freeway Studies #2: Inside the Quad

Otis College of Art's Ben Maltz Gallery held its second series in this show between April and July of 2014.
Freeway Studies is a multi-year, contemporary art-focused curatorial project organized by Meg Linton, Director of Galleries and Exhibitions, with the assistance of Jeseca Dawson, 2012-2014 Curatorial Fellow. Rather than the Situationists’ walking exploration of the urban environment, our curatorial dérive—the spontaneous exploration of urban landscapes guided by aesthetic instinct—combines the self-imposed geographic parameters with word-of-mouth referrals. Linton and Dawson traveled the highways to step into artists’ physical work spaces and discover first-hand their ideas and modes of production instead of relying on a mediated experience. Their aim is to broaden the existing conversation about Los Angeles art and to expand the creative network between artist, curator, and institution.

Freeway Studies #2: Inside the Quad featured the work of 31 contemporary artists whose studios are located within the borders of the I-405, 110, 10, and 105 freeways in Los Angeles. Artists: Anna Ayeroff, Juan Capistran, Miri Chais, Brian Chambers, Renée A. Fox, Eben Goff, Todd Gray, Nancy Jo Haselbacher, Kathryn Jacobi, Annetta Kapon, Farrah Karapetian, Soo Kim, Kohl King, Noel Korten, Mara De Luca, Hazel Mandujano Michael Masenburg, Marina Moevs, Warren Neidich, Numa Perrier, Pam Posey, Mei Xian Qiu, Christina Sanchez and Cayetano Juarez, Kyungmi Shin, Christopher Kent Schumaker, Luis Serrano, Lisa C. Soto, Christopher Warner, Dana Weiser, and Joe Wolek.

Freeway Studies exhibit postcard

(en)Gendered (In)Equality - The Gallery Poster Project/ Margin Release Right

Carrie Yury wrote in her Huffington Post article, LA Gallery Tally: Calling For Gender Equity In The Art World, "Gender inequality is still alive and well in the art world. Understanding that numbers speak louder than words, artist Micol Hebron spearheaded a collaborative art project, tallying the number of male versus female artists represented by Los Angeles' top galleries. Artists have turned the statistics into graphic posters that laud or chide galleries for the way they represents the sexes. The posters will be on display at Margin Release Right, curated by Kio Griffith for West LA College Art Gallery. The exhibition runs from October 14 to November 7. Watch out, art world; Hebron and her collaborators have already starting tallying statistics for several other cities, including New York."

Margin Release Right exhibit poster

Homing Pigeon

Held in October 2013 in Tokyo's Roppongi 605 Gallery.

Before the Internet and email were developed as now, the carrier pigeon was an important means of communication. Then, small carrier pigeons carried documents that told the News of the World, now they're only role is as race pigeons. The number of wings that come back to stables of pigeons who participated in a race is called the feedback factor, and has become worse overall year after year. The cause is the expansion of our communication and broadcasting network, the number of electromagnetic waves of base stations and mobile devices upsets the sense of direction of the pigeon. Now, you think it natural to connect by electronic means, but you will only get a reply from the rich, who own such devices. The theme of the photo exhibition is "a message to which an answer is not needed."

Homing Pigeon exhibit graphic

No Region Would

West Los Angeles College Art Gallery held this exposition in September and October of 2013. Curated by Kio Griffith featuring Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Nick Brown, Dan Callis, Ryan Callis, Shigenori Ebata, Douglas Eisenstark, Chie Fujii, Yi Gao, Rema Ghuloum, Leora Lutz, Kaoru Mansour, Merkin Satoshi, Saegusa Nicolas, Shake Mike Sonksen, and Kohl King. Writer Doug Harvey stated in his blog that No Region Would had a number of very strong, overlooked local talents in this "hidden gem" of the West LA / Culver City art scene.

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